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Mon, 5th June 2023

Shoehorning a bowls article onto the pages of the Maidnehad Advertiser ain't easy. I thought an ebcouraging article would be of interesdt but I have been told nothing has appeared. When I get a copy I'll double check. Here's what I wrote. Photos were also submitted.



It’s a popular misconception. Bowls is for old folk, retired, grey haired men and women with time on their hands wandering up and down a bowls green deciding whose bowl is nearest to a smaller yellow or white ball, the jack.


Certainly, many bowls players are retired but younger players are increasingly refreshing the image of bowls locally nationally and internationally. Players in their teens and other bowlers, a long way from retirement, are enjoying a competitive game that could well take them to championship level. Sophie Lack, 34, Maidenhead Town player and a frequent county player enjoys bowls at a high level whilst raising a young family.

Leading England international Sam Tolchard, from Devon, is just 34. Katherine Rednall, from Suffolk, an inspiring Commonwealth Games name is just 27.


Tim Eales, Men’s Captain at Maidenhead Town Bowls Club says “Yes, many of our members are a long way from retirement. I love to see youngsters having a go but I like to encourage the forties and fifties too. We’ve been welcoming some great potential members. One large group of golfing buddies, intrigued by our club posters in Oaken Grove Park came along for last Sunday’s open day not sure what they would find.”

A couple of this group admitted to having been suspicious of the game of bowls. “We were wrong,” said one guy, “I loved the tuition.” Everyone agreed that the open day was an eye opener. These ‘thirty somethings’ are already planning competitive games amongst themselves.


This fresh influx of interest is being repeated up and down the country. Sometimes it’s the weather that encourages people to check-out the game. At other times TV coverage grabs their attention.

Whether it’s indoor bowls or the outdoor game, the fascination and desire to know more is on the increase. “Keen, younger players are coming on board and eager to learn new skills and find out what bowls could offer them,” says Tony Stuart , Club Secretary at Maidenhead Town.


One young police officer fits in bowls around his work shift patterns, such is his newfound discovery that he has a talent for the game.


Bowls England, the game’s governing body, has established a 2023 bowls awareness programme to encourage young bowlers to take up the sport confident that the game will be as fascinating as it will be rewarding. Increased television coverage is certainly a testament to the fascination for bowls as both a spectator sport and a game that encourages people to ‘give it a go.’


Geoff Motley, Press Officer Maidenhead Town Bowls Club



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